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Seven People Who Help You Succeed

Whether you are building your career or building your business, there are seven archetypal figures that can both support and hinder your progress.  It is critical that you recognize their characteristics and interact with each accordingly, in order to better assist you in your endeavors.  The seven types are;  Your First Boss, Wise Man, Brilliant Skeptic, Spiritual Advisor, Advocate, Catalyst, and Nemesis.

Your First Boss:

This is the first person in your career that saw your raw potential. He or she is the one who took interest in you and mentored you as first started to navigate the early stages of your career.  They protected you, yet they let you make the mistakes that served as the foundation of your current success.  Never lose touch with this person.  They knew you when… when you were a wide-eyed raw talent and the world was in front of you.  They will always have wisdom to share and the time share it.  They are a safe haven.

Wise Man:

The Wise Man is the one who sees the possibilities first.  The Wise Man understands the vision and builds on it.  They are realists, but yet optimistic that the objectives can be met.  These people boost and enhance your vision.  They let you expand your horizons and look at situations in new ways.

Brilliant Skeptic:

Not unlike the Wiseman, the Brilliant Skeptic “gets it”.  However, they always add the, “yes, but…” This person is not so much negative, as they are cautious.  They are able to see risks to the plan that others do not.  When you need to vet an idea or business plan, this is one of your go to people.  Their feedback may be painful to hear, as they will always find the weaknesses your ideas. But their view will make your plans stronger and help you avoid pit falls that you did not see.

Spiritual Advisor:

Your Spiritual Advisor knows your soul.  They keep you rooted in your core values and help you see when and where you might be on the road of compromising those values.  They encourage and cheer you on, but they will not be silent when want to take short cuts that may compromise your values.


The Advocate raises your flag.  They are enthusiastic about you and your ideas.  They provide the introductions and support your cause.  They do not have the capital or the clout to get you to the next step directly, but they are tireless in their support.


The Catalyst is the person who makes IT happen.  They heard the plan.  They take action to enable you to move forward.  They provide the platform, whether through a promotion, or providing capital.  This person provides the spark that allows you to achieve the next step in your journey.


Unfortunately, not everyone is on your side.  Not everyone wants you to succeed.  As Machiavelli wrote, in The Prince, “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer”.   Understand who may get in the way and understand why they might.  Do not hide or avoid these folks, rather be aware and interact with them.  They will make your ideas and plans better, their destructive tactics will force you to hone your thinking and improve your plans.

Be aware of the seven archetypes, they will help shape your plans, your career and your success.  How effective you are at recognizing the roles these people play, the more effective you will be.  Listen to them all because they will make you better.

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