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Our Leadership | Clarus Advisors


Our Leadership

Richard Greene
Director and Founder

I founded Clarus Advisors, LLC in order to help others succeed.  Over the past 30 years, I have helped numerous executive and business owners meet and exceed their objectives.  I have consulted and coached leaders in a variety of industries including; Logistics, Services Companies, Manufacturing, Distribution and Retail.  I have worked with clients ranging from $1 million in revenue to over a $1 billion.

My primary focus is always to keep your stated goals in the forefront of all actions.  I aspire assist you in achieving your goals.  I work to “politely” challenge you when your objectives and your company’s plans/actions are not in sync.  By being “agreeably disagreeable” I work with you to obtain the best fact based results, while staying open to constant change that surrounds you and your business.

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