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Seven People Who Help You Succeed

Whether you are building your career or building your business, there are seven archetypal figures that can both support and hinder your progress.  It is critical that you recognize their characteristics and interact with each accordingly, in order to better assist you in your endeavors.  The seven types are;  Your First Boss, Wise Man, Brilliant Skeptic, Spiritual Advisor, Advocate, Catalyst, and Nemesis. Your First Boss: This is the first person in your career that saw your raw potential. He or she is the one who took interest in you and mentored you as first started to navigate the early stages of your career.  They protected you, yet they let you make the mistakes that served as the foundation of your current success.  Never lose touch with this person. ...

How many casualties did your crisis cause?

Congratulations! You own a business! You are the boss and you are a person of action.  You are successful.  You have a strong team of associates that help you run your business and you are diligent about staying focused on the 5 Keys that Build Value in your business.  But you have this nagging feeling that the business is not as efficient/effective/profitable as it could be.  Your business is moving forward, but it does so in fits and starts.  There is not the traction you want. You are not quite sure what the cause is, but you know things are just not clicking. Before you jump on your team, look at yourself.  Every business is faced with challenges large and small, long-term and immediate.  HOW ARE YOU DEALING WITH THOSE CHALLENGES?  Does every customer...

Effective Brainstorming – Getting the Most Out of Your Team & Yourself

Brainstorming by definition is a group problem solving technique, but often it devolves into a session dominated by one or two individuals, or meanders aimlessly or becomes a group think rubber stamp.  This will not allow you to achieve your desired end – PROBLEM SOLVED.  In order to help get the most out of your brainstorming sessions there are several “tricks of the trade” that will keep you and your team focused and get everyone contributing. Preparation: At least one week prior to your brainstorming session, assemble the team and define the desired results in broad terms.  Assign broad areas where you like each team member to focus their efforts.  For example, logistics, accounting, marketing, etc.  Then provide the team with...

Three “MUSTS” that help organizational change stick

Bringing change about in an organization is difficult at best and can be catastrophic to the long term health of the organization at worst.  While there many tactics used to facilitate change in a company there are three basic principles that must be adhered to if the organizational changes are going to stick. Build a Strong Team of Players:  This starts at the top.  At least one key senior executive needs to be ACTIVELY engaged in the change process.  But this is only the beginning.  The coalition of team members needs to be comprised of “strong players”.  This is in terms of not only position in the company but in terms of expertise, relationships, and leadership capacity. Consistent & Frequent Messaging: Communication is not just a...

The My Way Trap

My Way is a very dangerous place. My Way is the place we go to when we perceive we do not have time to explain a situation. My Way is the place we go to when we do not trust those around us. My Way is where we go to when we are afraid and confused. My Way means that decisions are made spontaneously, without research or review, and without collaboration, often causing people to either fail completely or fall short of their goals. My Way is expedient, but in the long run it is not effective. A business owner must find a way to create the time and framework to allow him or her the opportunity to work on the business of running the business.  This is to say the owner needs to be able to step back from the day-to-day operations and review how the business is...

Building Value: The 5 Keys for Achieving Success

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