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Would an outside party want to buy your business?

Your business provides you with your lifestyle, it is your wealth engine. But the reality is you will not run/own the business forever.  So how are you going to get paid out when you exit? If you plan to die at your desk and shutter the doors you can stop reading now, get a great financial planner and save for your family’s future after you are gone.  If you are planning on transitioning the business to either family or employees, you need to build the systems that will sustain the business after you’ve exited so you can get paid out.  But if you are thinking that you want the large and nearly immediate payday that comes with selling to an outside investor, read on…. A sale to a third-party investor has many advantages; higher cash out, less risk and...

Execution and Continuous Learning

Our lives, both business and personal are driven by performance.  We all want to do our best at whatever task is in front of us, whether this is your business, family, school, or any other of life’s challenges.  Ask any business owner and they will tell their biggest challenge is finding star performers, who execute flawlessly and consistently.  But how do stars performers become standouts and how do they maintain/exceed peak performance?  The answer lies in continuous learning and practice.  Making time to examine past results and practice skill are the foundation of effective and exceptional execution.  Think about great athletes. Michael Phelps did not just jump in the pool and win gold medals.  He spent countless hours in focused training.  In...

5 Ways to Increase Your Impact to Enterprise Value by Getting Out of the Way

One of the most common ways for a business owner to DE-VALUE their business, is to be its key employee.  Think about that for a moment – as the owner, do you want to be an employee too?  It may seem like a odd question.  After all, you own and work in the business doesn’t that make you an employee? But would your rather own a business that is not dependent on you being there, or is owning your job more appealing?  The reality is that if as the business owner you are not spending your time working on your business, developing your employees, creating better operating and sales systems that function without your direct supervision… you are decreasing the enterprise value of your business. It is de-valued at two levels.  First, if you are...

Breaking Down Operational Optimization to Maximize Value Creation

Team rowing or crew, requires a group of people to work in unison to go the fastest in the most efficient manner possible.  If only one member is out of rhythm then the team will lose.  It is the old proverb, “a chain is only as strong as its weakest link”.  In business we aspire to win in terms of growth and profitability, but if sales and operational effectiveness are not working in unison it will erode the value of your enterprise.  On the surface this insight is incredibly obvious, but in the “heat of battle” (especially with small and mid-sized companies) the balance between the need to generate sales and the ability to meet demand often get out of sync.  This disconnect creates a drain on capital, internal dissention, and the...

When your greatest strengths get in the way

Not everyone is cut out to be an entrepreneur.  There are certain personality characteristics that are requisite to starting your own successful business. But how you apply these traits is also key in determining if you grow a “sellable”  and sustainable business or just own a profitable job. Research has shown the top five characteristics exhibited by successful entrepreneurs are: Passion and Vision Comfortable with Risk Comfortable with Ambiguity Resilience Strong Sense of Self All are critical to getting a business off the ground. Each trait is required to drive an enterprise forward especially when it is just starting out, but they are also some of the traps entrepreneurs fall into as their businesses grow. Each characteristic (with the...

Building Value: The 5 Keys for Achieving Success

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