Clarus Advisors, LLC provides clear, straightforward solutions to small and mid-sized growing businesses and their owners.  Our mission is to help you succeed in this confusing marketplace.

We are unlike many coaching/consulting firms – and we take great pride in these differences. Our distinctiveness stems from several aspects of our perspective and approach:

  • A singular focus on long-term value growth
    whatever the issue, from corporate strategy to organizational effectiveness to developing a road map to transition your business, we bring a perspective of value growth. We can help you sharpen your focus on increasing the long-term intrinsic value of your company.
  • A model that leaves a legacy
    our approach is to work with you to hone your strategies and build capabilities that are consistent with your goals. Rather than making one-off recommendations, we help you discover your own highest-value opportunities utilizing a rigorous Socratic Method.  We focus on a line of questioning that will help you stay clear on:

    • The WHY you are in business
    • The WHAT you are doing
    • And the HOW you are doing it.

The end result is building better decision-making capabilities that will serve your business today and in facing the challenges of tomorrow.

  • People who challenge with empathy
    we bring creative thinking and questioning to you while seeking to understand your unique obstacles to change – We challenge your thinking… never forgetting that our business is to serve you and meet your objectives.
Building Value: The 5 Keys for Achieving Success

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