Change is Constant – Change is Hard

We are confronted by change from the moment we are born until we take our last breathe, on a personal basis and on a professional basis.  So why are we so bad at effectively dealing with change? Why do we find it so challenging to manage change within the context of our lives and our businesses? I contend, it is mostly our fear of “WHAT IF?”.  Fear of the unknown.  We may know we need to make a change in order to stay aligned with our goals and values, but we fear the consequences of making a change may derail us, even though making no changes puts us equally at risk. Mark Mueller-Eberstein did an excellent TedX talk that outlines how to successfully deal with and manage change.  It is an excellent video and well worth the five minutes required...

Value Building Resolutions for Coming Year

As we close out 2012, reflecting on our wins and loses – and as we look to 2013 and its’ opportunities and risks.  These simple resolutions will help keep you focused on your mission. 1. Take the Time to Think: Covey spoke of “sharpening the saw”, Gerber speaks of “working on the business of your business”, the point is you need the time to think and reflect on what is working and what is not.  You need to evaluate if your business is growing consistent with your goals and objectives. This means creating time with your leadership team and creating time for yourself outside the chaos of the day-to-day. Opportunities to Achieve this goal: – Monthly leadership meeting (preferably off-site) that focuses on the...

Collaboration and building your “Thinking Platform”

Collaboration works and fails at a multitude of levels. We can see examples of this in government, business and our personal lives.  There are numerous articles extolling the virtues of effective collaboration and disasters that occur when done poorly.  From a business perspective, it is imperative to work effectively with others at a variety of levels. Doing so will give greater insights into the challenges that face your business, help you develop better solutions to those challenges and give you more time to focus on executing the plan.  Building an effective Thinking Platform is the foundation for establishing an efficient and successful collaborative process. By definition, Collaboration is working together towards a common end.  However, without a...

Hiring Practices… Why People Get it Wrong

It is costly to make a bad hire.  The U.S. Department of Labor estimates that the average cost of a bad hiring decision can equal 30% of that persons first year’s potential earnings.  This is in terms of training time and dollars, lost sales, reputation risk and fraud to name just a few.  Given the high cost of a hiring mistake, why do so many hires go wrong? Based on my experiences it is an inverted assessment process.  Most managers look at a persons qualifications first and foremost.  Then “sell” the benefits of their company to the desired new hire.  Little time is spent on values, desire, capacity… the decision is driven by perceived competence to do the job. So how do you fix the issue?  Re-engineer your hiring practices. Values...

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