Aligning Core Company Values and Strategic Focus

It is my experience that most companies have a mission and vision statement.  However, often they were created as a marketing tool for both customers and employees, rather than a true embodiment of company’s core values.  The result is a mis-match of actions versus expectations that can derail the company.  To correct this potential disconnect it is critical you inspect your core vision versus not only the perception in both the market and internally, but against your execution to your vision as well. Questions to consider: What are the 3 to 5 words that define your company? Some examples might be creative, innovative, honesty, results, integrity to name a few. What is the company’s focus? It’s Passion? In other words, what niche do you...

Creating Value through Collaboration

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Fire Up Your Sales

Is your sales literature all about your company and solutions you provide?  Do your proposals start out with how great your company is?  Is your sales team “dialing for dollars” and hoping to make an appointment?  Then I bet your sales revenues are less than you would like. There are 3 things you can implement right now that will have a long-term positive impact on your revenues. Change your perspective: Selling a product or service is about solving a problem.  The mistake many sales people make is they try to solve their problem (increase sales=make more money), when they should be solving their client/customer’s problems. Beef Up the Preparation Time: Learn your client’s industry, their competitors, their other suppliers,...

Sale-Able Value

I met with a prospective client yesterday as he was inquiring about the value of his business.  He was ready to retire and enjoy all the “toys” he amassed while running his business… a beautiful boat, lake house, plane, oceanfront condo, three golf club memberships.  Yes – he made a lot of money over the years and in those terms was quite successful. But, unfortunately there was little value in his business.  Why?  He led all sales efforts and held the relationships with his customers close to his vest.  He did not have talented management to support the operations and he had not invested in new technologies to keep the business competitive.  The asset value of the company would not even come close to generating enough income to...

Building Value: The 5 Keys for Achieving Success

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